Lovely Black Cats

Getting into a bit of a sticker craze! Loads of requests! A couple of these sweet black cats will go on my daughter’s laptop (I’ll update once we place them on). I’m enjoying it. They’re quick and easy, especially the silouettes! These were found by searching images in the Canvas.

  • Vinyl

Applied to laptop! (my daughter altered the eyes a bit with a gel pen, pretty cool)

Cute Raccoon

I just made a little something today and didn’t get any pics of the process because I was having too much fun showing my kids how it all worked! This involved three layers of vinyl and transfer tape to compile it all together. I changed up the design from an iron-on lunchbox decal to a vinyl sticker. Later I discovered a lot more raccoon options by going to the Canvas and searching from images! I’ll be using that a lot from now on. Endless possibilities! 🙂

  • Raccoon Lunchbox–Vinyl

Vinyl Stickers

My kids like to decorate their water bottles with stickers. We’ve learned the hard way the importance of using only vinyl for such expression! To cover up a sticky mess gone bad, I made a couple new vinyl stickers for my daughter. Wish the pictures could show the full beauty this irredescent vinyl emits!

  • Christmas Stars Cup–Vinyl
  • Heart Water Bottle–Vinyl

The Process:

The tiny-hooked weed tool worked very well for weeding out all the negative space. So intricate and pretty!

Using transfer tape to place it on the bottle

So easy! We’ll let the vinyl cure for a couple of days before use.

You can create a sticker for just about anything of interest. Simply search the topic and customize it to your liking in the app. I’m finding it to be very user-friendly which is good because I’m not really technically savvy! I’ll be making plenty more of these to keep our water bottles festive!

Pop-Up Valentine

How adorable is this card? We’re a cat-loving household, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make it. Plus, pop-up!

  • Pop-Up Card-Cute Kitties–Cardstock

The Process:

Loaded the mat 12 times for these babies, phew! They’re so CUTE! Ready for assembly…

Card base

Layer Layer Layer!

One more view! Purrfect 💞🐱 My youngest daughter will be receiving this on Valentine’s day. Very fun to put together. Time-consuming but rewarding! My first pop-up!

Dimensional Art

When I saw this project in the Design Space App I immediately loaded my paper and got to work. I have a great love for dimensional and textural art so I’m ecstatic to make my own and add it to my walls! Easy to put together and looks quite special.

  • Flower 3D Wall Art–Light Cardstock

The Process:

Simply curl the petal cuts in with a pencil or chop stick. I liked using a chop stick because of its width choices and smooth wood rather than having the bumpiness of a pencil.

Trying to decide on a background color. The gray appears too subtle, and I’d like this artwork to pop!

Mini Pennant Banner

How cute is this little banner? I’ve hung it at the entrance to my craft room and am thrilled with the boost of joy it gives me as I create!

  • Pennant Banner–Light Cardstock

The process:

Some of my measurements were off as all the papers had to be loaded on one mat. A few papers lifted up during cutting, so I manually trimmed them leaving only one unusable piece. Not too bad!

I’m very happy with the results!! This is a very simple project for any occasion and a great way to use up scraps! Color options are endless too.

Valentine Box

I may end up obsessed with these party cracker/box things! They bring out such a festive vibe to any occasion so why not? I added my own touch with a little sprinkling of glitter on the heart. So cute! 💓

(these can be opened simply by pulling the ribbon which makes them re-useable; added bonus!)

  • Classroom Valentine Treat Box–Cardstock