Flower Napkin Ring

Ooo, how striking is this flower?! It’s so unique and barely uses up any paper. I think it could make a beautiful place setting for Easter.

  • Flower Napkin Ring–Cardstock

The Process:

Trimmed the paper and ready to load

Beautiful cut results

Curled the leaves and petals and glued

Used some hot glue to make it extra sturdy….ahhh! It’s so pretty!

The final step was hot-gluing the flower onto ribbon. I love the results!

Triangle Box

I’m so fond of this gorgeous box! I have no idea what I’ll use it for yet, but it’ll be nice to have on hand for that perfect thing one day!

  • Triangle Flower Box–Cardstock

The Process:

Carefully peel away from the mat (I ripped my first one and had to re-make it…delicate cuts are fragile!ðŸ˜ē)

Fold and crease the scorelines

Glue white pieces over the lacework

Glue tabs at each corner and start to feel impressed by the beautiful design! Go ahead and ooh and aah out loud. Enjoy your work!

I guess a slice of pie could fit nicely inside. Vellum would look great under the lace too!

Valentine Place Setting

I love the oomph this is going to give our table on Valentine’s day! Can’t wait to make more; I’ll need five sets. I may change up the colors.

  • Valentine Napkin Holder–Cardstock

The Process:

I pre-trimmed all papers needed for the project and put them in mat-loading order.

Ready for assembly

So pretty! I would love to try this with a more lasting material, like faux leather or something. I’m almost tempted to laminate them too. I’d like to be able to use them again. One drop of food and they’re ruined. ðŸ˜Ŋ

Snazzy Envelope

How fun to bring some pizzaz to an envelope! Wouldn’t these be fun to receive in the mailbox?!

  • Envelope Address Wrap–Cardstock

The Process:

Choose pretty paper, cut…

Score, fold, glue….admire! (not sure why this design doesn’t have the scoring programmed in; it creates tiny cuts like notches instead; I just used those as guides with my ruler and scoring tool)

Overall a very cute design that I think I’ll refer to often!

Domed Cupcake Box

Here’s another intricate design to add to my collection! I am so drawn to these things!

  • Domed Cupcake Box–Cardstock & Acetate

The Process:

Even with such a detailed cut this ended up so easy to just lift off the mat. Gluing the acetate over the windows and waiting for it to cure before folding took some patience (because I want to see it NOW), but absolutely worth giving it time. Dealing with all that work falling off would be too crushing!

A little close-up

We’ll, I learned that I needed to fold the scores before placing (and gluing!) the acetate. I had to re-glue some ðŸĪŠ but it still turned out so I’m happy!

Ready to place something yummy in there.

What a beautiful way to present your special homemade dessert!

Star Burst Card

I finally found something I wanted to make that utilized a pen during the cutting process! It was SO much fun to watch! This is a very beautiful card!

  • Star Burst Card–Cardstock

The Process:

Watch the pen do all the work! 😉

Fold on scores, glue in place, embellish if desired (I plan to add a ribbon across the top, maybe more…).

This is considered a money-holder card and would be wonderful for a graduate or baby shower. Again, endless possibilities with color combinations!

I trimmed each paper close to the size required for loading before I began which really improved the speed of the process! Learning! 🙂 (learning through mistakes and practice is definitely working)

Scalloped Treat Boxes

Talk about simple! This was the easiest project I’ve done so far. Just loaded the paper, folded at the scores, and glued! I think this is a great use for my foil poster board as it’s much sturdier than cardstock.

  • Martha’s Scalloped Popcorn Boxes–Foil Poster board

The Process:

I suggest defining your score folds by using a scraping tool on the inside to hold the shape

Then turn the outside in and press for those final crisp edges. I love how this scraper has a cloth-covered side. Worked real well in protecting the sheen of the posterboard!

I highly recommend Cricut’s Paper Trimmer! It makes all the cutting a breeze and helps me save a lot of scraps for more projects.