Mini Gift Bags

I thought I’d give these a try and am so glad I did. They’re too cute! Can’t wait to find a reason to use them!

DIY Gift Bags–Cardstock

The Process:

Fold along scores, glue together (I used hot glue), run string and tags through pre-cut holes, tie. Proudly present your gift! 🙂

Mini Rosette

I think rosettes add so much cheer to any celebration. This one is meant to top a cupcake.

The Process:

Accordian fold, glue together, form circle, hot glue ends and circle in the center. If using for cupcake topper, hot glue lollipop stick to the back.

I love the effect the patterned paper shows! This was time consuming with all those tiny folds, but I think it would be worth doing to dress up a simple batch of cupcakes. Color and a special touch of decoration brings joy to the spirit!

Heart Box

I planned on using this for a take home dessert box after tonight’s family dinner, but it’s smaller than I thought, and I messed up on the assembly (no directions to follow 😣), SO I’ll just keep it for something else.

  • Heart Box–Corrugated board & Cardstock

The Process:

All scored and cut

Folded and glued patterned paper on interior

One more fold overtop patterned paper

I do like this box style and will likely make another attempt at it. I prefer step-by-step instructions which I’m finding to be very lacking in most of these projects. 🙁

Portfolio for Scraps

My haul from today’s shopping trip! An art portfolio to organize scraps, cardstock in shades of red, pastel patterns, and a glitter variety! So excited to use it all! First off I will be getting my scraps in order!

I saw the idea for organizing scraps in an art portfolio somewhere on Pinterest. It definitely does the job!

Yay! So happy! This is going to make Cricut life so much easier 😄


Bass Fish Sticker

I’m testing these out as a request from my dad who’s a fisherman. I’ll need to size them down a bit. I like the colors but a tail and mouth got cut off. Will try again! 🙃

  • Fish Images–Vinyl

The Process:

I think these are pretty cool! I enjoy making stickers!!

Anniversary Card

This is a work-in-progress as I need to get to the store for some adhesive. My 21st wedding anniversary is coming up on Thursday and this is the card I’ve chosen to give my husband. I’m basing it off of Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” song. It suits us very well. 😊

All Finished! (update 1/24/19)

  • It’s Always Better When We’re Together Card–Cardstock

The Process:

This is becoming the norm…trim all papers needed for project before beginning

Three pages loaded together! This always scares me…what if my measurements are off?! They were slightly! I’m keeping with it anyway 🥴

Layer and glue

I love the writing! This is so cute. The shakers will fold in with the happy shakers on the front and side-by-side. Can’t wait to finish!